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What is LittleSong?

Singing and listening to positive songs encourages children to have a constructive and enthusiastic outlook on life. It also aids the development of language and listening skills, and when singing together, helps bring about a sense of unity.

When you subscribe to LittleSong you will get access to our library of positive and virtues based songs, lullabies and soundscapes which are ideal for use in the classroom, during circle-time, at home, in children's classes and after school club. We add songs each week and you will be able to access these as they are uploaded.

LittleSong enlivens your learning environment!

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LittleSong aims to bring beautiful, fun and unique songs and music materials to children (0-11) across the globe, to enable them to explore a wide range of themes, topics and virtues. You, the educator, can help enliven and expand their world through LittleSong!


Our songs and materials are written, composed and sung by our music-loving team of singer/songwriter friends! We are also teachers and parents and have travelled the world singing with children in Africa, America, China, various countries in Europe and the UK. We are all professionals in our field and also love to lighten little tender hearts with our positive themes and melodies.

love Music
love Music

LittleSong will support you in bringing virtues and every-day values and lessons to life. Music is a powerful and wonderful tool and can not only help with language acquisition but can enable a child to soar into a wonderful realm and feel joyous and happy!