The fun way to integrate music into everyday language learning

Ukulele • Body Percussion • Voice

LittleSong is about making music fun, engaging and accessible for all children in schools, communities, and at home. It's a great and easy way for you as educators, parents and carers to incorporate music into your children's everyday lives.

On the LittleSong website you'll soon find a plethora of resources delivered by engaging qualified teachers and musicians that you can integrate into your existing curriculum. LittleSong also offers a wide range of exciting online courses, in-school workshops, and staff and parent training programmes.

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What do others say about LittleSong?

"Victoria is a highly innovative, passionate and creative teacher who strives to create a love for music with all of her students. She operates with contagious energy and is a driving force in efforts to build community through showcasing the arts."

Timothy D Warren - Headmaster, Teda International School, China

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LittleSong's Victoria Leith has led workshops in:

  • EARCOS Conference (Asia)
  • NAME Conference (UK)

...and has worked in:

  • UK, China, USA and Eswatini

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