Engaging, Exciting, Meaningful Workshops for Schools

We offer a range of wonderful workshops for your school, for both Primary/Secondary students and staff and team-building training. Prices will vary depending on your location and school.

All non-UK, international bookings:  contactint@littlesong.me

UK bookings: contact@littlesong.me

Take a look at the workshops on offer, then do get in touch to discuss your needs and time-frame. We can visit your school for a 1-day workshop or up to 3 days.  Please decide which workshops you would like your school to experience and participate in including staff-training sessions.  Times of the workshops are added so you can make a plan for your day. 


Student workshops

(Grades K - 12/ Y1 - Y13)

1. Song-writing -  'Write a song in an hour' (Grades 5-12/ Y6 - Y13) - This innovative workshop will feature a performance of original compositions and then students will be led through a song-writing process as a whole class, resulting in a song they compose together.  1.5 hours (first 30 minutes for introduction and performance)

2.  Primary choir - working with your existing Primary Choir, students will learn traditional songs and movements from China, Africa, Canada and original material songs.  3 hour - whole day  

3. Ukulele 101 - (G2/Y3 upwards) Using our own developed, tried and tested method, we will help your students how to train on ukuleles (you will need a ukulele for each participant).  Students will learn how to connect with their instruments, how to play rhythm patterns and transfer that skill to strumming the ukulele strings. They will also learn chords and songs! Let us get your students kick-started on their journey to discovery! 1-hour workshops on a rota, class-by-class. 

4. Body percussion 101 (K - 12/ Y1 - Y13) - An exciting and invigorating workshop, using the best instrument money doesn't need to buy - our own bodies! Students will learn complex rhythms and movements and how to work as a team using challenging but achievable body rhythms -  1 hour workshops on a rota, class-by-class

5.  Body percussion Groovers - students will train and learn to lead body percussion club workshops in/after school - one whole day training. This is an exciting opportunity to train a selected group of students who are keen to lead and would like to run an after school club/s for the rest of the school. 

6. Class singing - Teachers can shadow us as we work with your classes, singing fun songs from around the world and our own original LittleSong songs! (Primary only) - 45 minutes - 1 hour per class

7. Assembly time! I will lead your school assembly and sing with the whole school or identified Grades/Year groups and teach virtues-based songs. Can work with any number of students. (40 minutes)

8. Writing a song school song based on your Mission and Vision statements, with input from students, staff and the school community - working with either a selected group from the school or class-by-class on a rota. Whole day workshop with students (and one day to finalise, write and record the song on the school premises). 


Staff-training workshops with Victoria

1. Team Unity - a discussion/activity-based workshop on how we can build effective, loving and supportive teams - 1.5 hours

2. Body Percussion Team Builders - get your team moving and grooving and experiencing what it feels like to be the child in the class. We will work on structure and patterns, rhythms and composition. You might be surprised as to how much you can achieve together in a short workshop! 1.5 hours. 

3. Integrating Music into the Classroom - working with a group of teachers who would like to know and experience first-hand more ways to bring music to life in the classroom. This workshop is for everyone, regardless of musical experience. 1.5 hours - and class visits and mentoring (30 minutes in each class)

4. How to Teach Ukulele and Body Percussion to Primary Students - working with teachers or parents who would like to faciliate the learning of ukulele and/or body percussion to children. This is a hands-on workshop and each participant will need a ukulele.  3-hour training workshop

Conferences and Key-Notes

Victoria is available to lead workshops at your education/music conferences as well as giving key-note speeches, which are lively, innovative and will include audience-participation (singing and rhythm!). Victoria loves to talk about:

* The impact of our wellbeing and positive mind-set in the workplace; 

* Over-coming personal trauma and mental-health challenges in order that we may serve as educators and strive for excellence in our classrooms, schools and communities; 

* How to freely use our talents and abilites to help others also shine within the profession of teaching. 

All non-UK, international bookings:  contactint@littlesong.me

UK bookings: contactuk@littlesong.me


Our refund policy. Should illness occur which prohibits the delivery of the workshop, then in the first instance, another date will be arranged. If this is not   possible, then a full refund will be given to the school.

* Payment must be made in full prior to commencement of workshops.

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