Jump Jump Jump by James Mohajer A fun, catchy tune for all children who want to be happy and jump! We suggest that children aged 0-5 will love this song the most!  Victoria says: As soon as James wrote this song I...

Posted: Sun 18th Oct 2015 16:13
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Hold Open Your Hand by Victoria Leith This is a gentle song about being sacred and precious with nature and finally... our hearts! This would be a lovely song to sing to your baby or toddler at bedtime, tracing your finger on their...

Posted: Sun 25th Oct 2015 12:23
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Love is in my Heart by Victoria Leith A song to teach our children above sharing our love, joy and peace with one another! All these virtues make us feel happy deep down and when we feel good inside, our happiness...

Posted: Sun 25th Oct 2015 11:41
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The Friend Ship by Victoria Leith Whether your child is at school, nursery or at home, they will be forming friendships and will sometimes have challenges and obstacles to overcome. I wrote this song to get children to consider the idea...

Posted: Sun 25th Oct 2015 12:04
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Tidy Up the Classroom by Victoria Leith I wrote this when I lived in China and had a class of 12 three-year olds. I would sing most of our transistions and this was the cue to start tidying! If you are...

Posted: Sun 25th Oct 2015 12:06
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