Sleepy Head by Miss Vicky and Miss Fiona. This is a beautiful and relaxing lullaby for nap-time, quiet-time or for when you want your little ones to take five and just chill out for a bit! We wrote this song for...

Posted: Wed 12th Aug 2015 15:09
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Flowers are the Beauty of the World written by my junior youth group I ran a week-long song-writing course with a group of junior youth (9-13 year olds) and this was the result of a gently guided collaboration! The group of boys...

Posted: Sun 25th Oct 2015 12:24
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Forest Air written and performed by Miss Vicky. I wrote this song when I had a year 2 class (6 and 7 year olds). We chose the Forest for our theme for the term so I wrote this quickly to incorporate...

Posted: Wed 12th Aug 2015 15:11
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The Sea recorded and composed by Tom Leith  This soundscape of the seaside includes sounds of waves on the shore, footsteps on the beach, seabirds and a fishing boat being repaired in the harbour. A perfect piece to set the mood in your...

Posted: Wed 12th Aug 2015 14:41
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My Home is the Home of Peace music by Richard Leigh A beautiful piece for all ages to listen to and learn over time and when you want to restore peace and calm to your home or classroom! Also a fabulous song to...

Posted: Sun 18th Oct 2015 16:29
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