Shake that Shaker! by Victoria Leith Get ready to move and groove with your shakers! I wrote this for our 1-year old and her little friend and they demand we sing it on repeat by crying 'More please!' each time it...

Posted: Sun 25th Oct 2015 12:16
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Knock on the Door by Victoria Leith A song about coming round for a playdate comingled with colours and doors!  ...

Posted: Sun 25th Oct 2015 12:20
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Washing Machine by Victoria Leith This can be a good action song to sing but on another level, the idea behind this is that it is good to be clean and presentable! You can learn and sing this as you load...

Posted: Sun 25th Oct 2015 12:05
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Swing to the Sky by Victoria Leith With every action in life with a toddler, there is an opportunity to write or sing a song! We were swinging one day and this came to me. Simple but enjoyable to sing when...

Posted: Sun 25th Oct 2015 12:09
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