5 Suggested Times in your Child's Day to Play a Song

Posted: Sat 15th Aug 2015 22:45

When I worked in China, I had a class of twelve 3-year olds. My boss wanted me to bring my love of music into the classroom as much as possible, as did the parents!

We soon found a rhythm to our day together and it was all based around songs! Don't be afraid of repetition. I sang the same songs every day to my class... just see the singing as an extension of your speaking voice.

Here are my top five suggestions for when to play/sing a song to your class or your child at home:

1. Welcome/goodmorning song

Children learn quickly through singing - it is amazing to see the rapid progression! When your child wakes up or when they come into class, start with a short sweet tune to get their attention. Every morning when we gathered first thing on the carpet, after an initial short play with selected materials, we would sing:

Oh here we are together, together, together

Oh here we are together all sitting on the floor

There's James and Le Chung and Carter and Timo

Oh here we are together, all sitting on the floor!

The children loved this and we would talk about who was not here and send them love and smiles! The children soon learned each others' names and they delighted in some morning singing!

2. Transition Songs

Very quickly, my brain set to work to write very short and catchy songs for all our transitions, tidy up times, when I wanted them to form a line to go out to play and walking up and down the stairs. You can listen to and learn these songs in the Free Music section.

3. Grab attention songs

We can either raise our voices above the general noise of chatter and playing, or we can sing a song (or tap out a rhythm or chant a rhyme!) The key is to make it short and easy-to-learn and fun!

4. Nap-time/quiet time songs

In China, most of our children napped for 90 minutes after lunch-time. Before they napped, we would read a story, show a short 3-minute video on a theme and then I would sing a song which signified sleepytime! Literally as soon as I started to sing this key song, my children would start yawning!

We would then play songs on a CD whilst they lay down on their beds and drifted off. The idea of LittleSong is that you can choose from a selection of lullabies and gentle songs for this time. Sleepyhead is one song the children loved at nap time and it is in the Free Music section of LittleSong! You can play it here.

5. Goodbye song!

On my first day working with my children, I wrote a song to say goodbye to. We would sit in a circle on the carpet and sing this every single day! They loved it and I hope your little ones will love it too! Here are the words and you can listen to this song in the Free Music section.

Goodbye, goodbye

It's time to say goodbye

Pack your bags, be on your way

It's time to say goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye

It's time to say goodbye

Put on your shoes and a happy smile

It's time to say goodbye

See you tomorrow, have a lovely evening


Of course, you can sing any time in the day with or to your children! Sometimes, even just singing what you would usually say but in a sing song voice is enough to divert a situation or to attract attention. 

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Absolutely wonderful!!

Marny Barton - Sun 25th October 2015 - 3:10pm - Reply to this comment

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