Testimonials for Victoria Jane Leith

"Victoria is a consummate practitioner at the art of teaching. She is knowledgeable in her subject area, unrelenting in her pursuit of professional excellence and absolutely committed to ensuring that every child participates in and enjoys the process of learning."
Yvonne Williamson - Primary PrincipleTeda Global Academy, China

"Victoria is a highly innovative, passionate and creative teacher who strives to create a love for music with all of her students. She operates with contagious energy and is a driving force in efforts to build community through showcasing the arts."
Timothy Warren - Headmaster, Teda Global Academy, China

"We are so lucky to know Victoria (Ms Vicky!). Beyond being an amazingly talented and creative person, she really shows children how to appreciate music. My children grew with her in so many ways through their time with her."

Parent, Teda Global Academy, China

"I really enjoyed the strategy of using body percussion during the EARCOS 2019 conference. It was my first time to experience face-to-face on how we can improvise using our body as a percussive instrument. Thank you for opening my eyes on improvisation. Hope to see you and learn more from you soon."
Dennis Carl Catostos Dapal - Teacher/Workshop Participant

"Ms Vicky made me see my feelings in music."

"She showed me how making beautiful music takes time. When I get frustrated with writing at school, I remember what Ms.Vicky taught me."

Primary Students -  Teda Global Academy, China

"A truly magical experience that uses the body to lift the soul."
Leigh Wolmarans - Head Teacher, England

"Victoria has been coming into our Montessori School for two years, twice a week and over this time she has managed to build a full repertoire of songs including traditional nursery rhymes and songs and poetry from around the world. Victoria's musicality has the ability to hold the child's attention and she shares her music in a calm, loving, respectful and understanding way. We thoroughly recommend her and the children would do so too!"
Julie Marriott - Former Head Teacher Maidford Montessori

"During our community fun day, Victoria was able to engage with all age groups and encourage full participation by all those present, including the parents. We would highly recommend!"
Kerry Wright, Children's Centre Co-ordinator - Gloucester Road Nursery

"Victoria is an amazing, heart-warming teacher."
Kat Lendacka  - Parent

"Totally inspiring, high quality, delivered with expertise and totally sustainable"
Joya Brahmachari - Head of Drama, England

"Mrs Leith recognizes and unearths, with enthusiasm and delight, the creative genius in each child with whom she works, and shares generously with others those strategies and tools. More importantly, she instills the love of music in a child, and a desire to explore and create one’s own work. My daughter has been very fortunate to have had Mrs. Leith as her teacher for the first couple of years of her schooling, and right now she eats, sleeps and breathes music!
I am excited to follow Mrs. Leith on LittleSong as we continue to benefit from her work.
Thank you “Ms Vicky” and never stop your efforts!
Haleh Golmohammadi 
Parent at Teda Global Academy


Photo Credit:   Ian Schneider


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