Welcome Students, Teachers, Educators and Parents!

Hello! Welcome to our lovely LittleSong Music-Makers hub, where you can find an ever-growing bank of free songs and virtual teacher sessions (bring us into your classroom and let us be part of your teaching team!) plus exciting and engaging content in the form of live workshops and online courses for children and educators!

This is for YOU, so you get to pick and choose what will suit your needs best.

You will find a lot of our resources are free as we are teachers and practitioners who understand the need in schools for fabulous, well-crafted content that is going to engage and inspire the children on our planet. 

You can also book us for exciting and innovative live student and staff-training workshops in your schools and communites and make the most of our online courses in your classrooms and at home (our first one, FUNkulele 5-7 - A Beginners' Ukulele, Rhythm and Singing Course is ready to rock right now!)

Teachers, parents and educators have free and instant access to all of our Virtues Resources (at the moment, we have The FriendShip Song -  9 more songs coming soon along with PowerPoints, Lesson Plans and Activity Ideas!) as well as our topic and themed songs. Let us 'visit your classroom' and help us to help you! We can teach your classes our songs via the power of the internet and your smartboard and then you faciliate the lesson!

Schoosl and families with zero or limited budgets can apply for our Love Heart Access, where we can sign you up to any of the paid courses we offer for free. Our future goal is to also be able to fund and sponsor schools and individual children who need access to ukueleles and workshops - we will build up to that. 

Our project is growing and YOU can help simply by spreading the word about what we offer and to share the online courses with your school or local community. If we can achieve a balance between people paying for courses and people accessing them for free, then our goal of getting the music learning to hundreds of thousands of children will be realised! 

Why LittleSong?

Music helps with confidence, self-esteem, self-motivation, mindfulness, thought-processing, attention, language development and more and so much research is coming out now about how it helps to develop the brain and connects to how we approach other subjects and life in general.

In short, we would say that music is VITAL for a child's development and the impact it can have not just on them but on their whole family and community can be life-changing. It is food for the mind, body and soul! It's a uniting force and there is nothing quite like it when you have 1, 100, 600 or thousands of children all singing the same song about being brave, or making friends or having respect for each other. It is AMAZING!  

A Word from the Founder of LittleSong

I may have founded LittleSong but it takes a team to make things grow! Here is a little about my story.

My name is Victoria Jane Leith, (B.Ed Hons with Language Arts and QTS) and I have been a music practitioner for 26 years. I've had the pleasure of working in schools and communties in Africa, China, America and the UK, leading exciting, challenging and innovative music workshops. 

I was born in England in 1974 and from an early age played a variety of instruments: piano, percussion, guitar, vocals, recorder, penny whistle and more recently, ukulele. 

As a young child, instruments and music were always accessible in our family home. My parents had an eclectic taste, from classical and pop to rock and folk. I loved it all. We'd spend hours listening to music and my father would play guitar, penny whistle and the Irish drum (bodrhan). I learned by listening and then exploring. 

It is through this exploration that children will be enabled to engage and become keen learners of their own volition. When I speak to parents of my students, they often ask me, 'How can I make my child better at music?'

My answer is always... let them listen to music - lots of it! From the earliest age possible. Let them explore their instruments. Encourage practice but allow fun - lots of it! Allow them to see how music connects to their emotions. Know that it takes time. Know that when a child starts to compose, it is a part of them in music-form - so celebrate and encourage even more!

I am now a composer and singer/songwriter and continue to listen to a broad range of music from different cultures, countries and genres. Throughout my journey so far, teaching music around the world, I have learned what a powerful tool music is. It unites whole communities and families. It helps a person to understand and connect with emotion. It tells a story and it unleashes creativity.

I really appreciate you coming to visit LittleSong and I hope you will enjoy being part of the musical journey as we share with the children!

Photography on the LittleSong site.

We have some keen photographers in our team but we also love to support UnSplash, which is a global community of photographers who share their beautiful images for free! If you like credited images on LittleSong and want to use them in your school or community, please do visit their site or click on the photographers' credit to find out more! We LOVE the idea of sharing an abundance of free and wherever possible low cost resources so a big thank you and shout-out to all creative professionals helping each along in this way. Such a wonderful spirit of learning and sharing, which are virtues we want our children to learn too!

Photo credit on our contact page goes to:

  Marc-Olivier Jodoin

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