Hello! Welcome to our lovely LittleSong Music Academy, where you can find an ever-growing bank of free songs and virtual co-teacher sessions plus paid content in the form of live workshops and online courses for children and educators! This is for YOU, so you get to pick and choose what will suit your needs best.

My name is Victoria Jane Leith, (B.Ed Hons with Language Arts and QTS) and I have been a music practitioner for 25 years. I've had the pleasure of working in schools and communties in Africa, China, America and the UK, leading exciting, challenging and innovative music workshops. As LittleSong grows and develops you will meet other qualified teachers, musicians and composers on here who are really keen to share their passion of music with humanity! 

You will find a lot of our resources are free as we are teachers who understand the NEED in schools for fabulous, well-crafted content that is going to engage and inspire the children on our planet. Please make the most of teaching the virtues and topic/themed songs to your children as well as bringing 'us' into your classroom, large as life on the smartboard as we lead your class in song, body percussion and movement activities! All you will need to do is press play (and then engage with your class!).

Some schools have large arts-based budgets whilst others have hardly anything to put towards music and movement activites. So we want you to keep visiting LittleSong, make it a part of your classroom and the learning journey for your students and children and share the songs and free content widely! Schools who have the budget to book workshops with LittleSong can do so and for those who want to only use this site for the freebies, that is brilliant too!

We are going to create a whole series of online-training courses for children/parents and teachers and keep the price at a ridiculously low cost without compromising on quality.  Why? Because we have listened to the need and we feel it is a better system if more people can access great content rather than only a few schools or communities benefitting.  We wouldn't want it any other way!

Our main aim for your school/community, is to to get children moving and grooving, singing out loud and with passion and learning about the wonderful virtues and topics through song! We want teachers to be able to offer meaningful brain-breaks and to integrate musical activites into the classroom so that no child has to go without music during the course of day! Music helps with confidence, self-esteem, self-motivation, mindfulness, thought-processing, attention, language development and more and so much research is coming out now about how it helps to develop the brain and connects to how we approach other subjects and life in general (more on that soon!).

In short, MUSIC IS SO IMPORTANT. In fact, I would say it is VITAL! It is food for the mind, body and soul! It's a uniting force and there is nothing quite like it when you have 1, 100 or even 600 children all singing the same song about being brave, or making friends or having respect for each other. It is AMAZING!  

A little about me:

I was born in England in 1974 and from an early age played a variety of instruments: piano, percussion, guitar, vocals, recorder, penny whistle and more recently, ukulele. 

My father used to play Irish instruments such as the penny whistle and bodrhan drum. I was surrounded by music, listening to his collection of folk and rock records, singing in choirs and learning how to play the recorder and piano. 

Later, I taught myself guitar and started composing when I was 9 years old. Through my teen years, singing and playing in groups helped me to focus at school and I discovered a love for harmonising and piano composition. 

I have played bass guitar in a rock band, sang and played in a folk band, sang in choirs and led vocal harmony groups and always written my own material.  When I teach music to children what I am really doing is working with them to unleash what I believe is already within in. I would say that every child has a love for music but the teacher needs to find the way to facilitate that love!

I have worked with thousands of students over the world and time and time again, I have found from my personal research and experience that children love to move their bodies, that they experience joy when singing together and that actually, they love a challenge. We can raise the bar for them and help them to strive for excellence. 

I have written hundreds of original songs and compositions and these include an ever-growing bank of songs for children based on virtues and the topics and themes that come up in the curriculum. I am absolutely over the moon that we can share these resources now with the world! Get in touch with us if you have stories to share, examples of how music enhanced the learning in your classroom, or if you want us to write a song to help your class or child understand a concept or topic better!

Thanks so much for coming to LittleSong! Let our journey together commence!

Photography on the LittleSong site.

We have some keen photographers in our team but we also love to support UnSplash, which is a global community of photographers who share their beautiful images for free! If you like credited images on LittleSong and want to use them in your school or community, please do visit their site or click on the photographers' credit to find out more! We LOVE the idea of sharing an abundance of free and wherever possible low cost resources so a big thank you and shout-out to all creative professionals helping each along in this way. Such a wonderful spirit of learning and sharing, which are virtues we want our children to learn too!

Photo credit on our contact page goes to:

  Marc-Olivier Jodoin

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