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FUNkulele for Beginners Aged 5-7

PARENTS and TEACHERS: Please watch the introductory video before your child starts this course.

A specially-designed beginner’s ukulele/singing course, aimed primarily at 5-7 year olds but for anyone who wants to learn with a fun, gentle and experienced teacher!

Overview of FUNkulele 5-7

1. Learn how to play the ukulele - chords and simple finger-picking
2. Learn rhythm patterns
3. Learn how to strum those rhythm patterns
4. Learn how to keep a steady beat
5. Play along with your teacher to practice
6. Learn language through song
7. Raise in confidence and self-esteem

Lesson One

Get to know your ukulele
Learn the strings
Rhythm patterns
Listening and repeating
C chord
Playing rhythm patterns with the C chord

Lesson Two

Re-cap the C chord
Strumming and rhythm patterns
Playing together, in time and to the beat
Strumming whilst Ms Vicky plays the melody
Learn The Tuning Song (a song to help you know what the tuning of the ukulele should sound like)
Learning new lyrics to a known pattern

Lesson Three

Singing and playing our ukulele at the same time
Re-cap the strings
C chord - how to get a good sound when pressing down on the string
Humming a well-known melody and replacing it with original lyrics whilst strumming the C chord
Rhythm pattern practice
Easy F chord
Changing from C to easy F

Lesson Four

Rhythm pattern warm up
C chord to easy F chord
New song - Flowers are the Beauty of the World
Start to learn the G chord (please help your child refer to the ukulele chord diagram)
Timing, playing together
Moving from C to easy F to G chord

Lesson Five

Checking our tuning
Re-cap rhythm patterns on the easy F chord
Continue with Flowers are the Beauty of the World song
Learn strumming patterns for the song through rhythm practice
How to make changes in a song and playing for dynamic effect
Re-cap Leaves are Falling song with C, easy F and G chord changes

Lesson Six

Importance of practicing on our instrument
Play Leaves are falling song, moving from one chord to another
Strumming patterns demo and practice
Flowers are the Beauty of the World play along and re-cap
Rhythm patterns play along, stopping and starting, fast and slow
Playing a new rhythm pattern and switching chords

Lesson Seven

Re-cap the chord C, easy F and G
Introduce A minor chord
Discuss how playing different chords can help us to convey/show emotions and feelings
Start learning the 1st part of the Counting Song with chord changes and strumming patterns

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