Learn Online with LittleSong

Learning online has never been so popular and for many good reasons!

Students of all ages can learn a new skill from the comfort of their home, the classroom - or anywhere that has connection to the internet! Just click a button then you're able to work with experienced and qualified teachers and practitioners who can help you to learn language through songs, singing techniques, ukulele, body percussion and more!

Why learn online?

* Students can learn at their own pace

* Students can be relaxed in their own environment

* Our online lessons are much cheaper than one-on-one (although they also have their place!)

* You can refer back to the lessons as many times as you need to

* They are accessible

* You can stil learn fantastic skills and then share them with others 

FUNkulele 5-7 - A Fabulous Online Course for the younger learner.

Would you like your children/students to learn how to play ukulele and sing? Why not sign them up to our FUN and FUNky FUNkulele course! Easy, accesible and led by Victoria from LittleSong who will guide the participants through a series of 7 lessons, this is designed especially for the younger learner. Victoria's calm and loving method of teaching, interspersed with fun and engaging content is a winner for children across the planet! Watch this intro video to find out what your child will experience and how they will be benefit from taking the course. Zero budget or low-income? Email us here to apply for LoveHeart Access!

Click Here to learn more...

Learn The FriendShip Song Today!

Online courses for your children, wherever you are in the world!


* Language Acquisition

* Rhythm and co-ordination

* Learning how to play an instrument AND sing

* Learning how to play on the beat, in an ensemble

* Self-control and self-discipline

* Raises self-esteem

Teachers! Educators! Parents!

Do you want to be able to teach your children how to play the ukuele and sing? Make the most of these two fun and FREE online trainings! No need to sign up - just grab a ukuele (tuned!) and press play! All you need to do is be one step ahead of the learning!

Access the FREE training now to get yourself started!


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